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​​​July 3, 2015- Frances Devereux and John Giltrap can now rest at ease following Bedford Estates decision to allow them both to remain at their 72 Ridgmount Gardens apartment.

On July 1st, Frances received a lease from Bedford Estates allowing John to remain in occupation at 72 Ridgmount Gardens. Both pensioners are delighted with the positive outcome and expressed their sincere thanks to Bedford Estates for allowing them to continue in occupation.

At the same time, the Cafferata family received a letter from Steve Archer; Head of Residential for Bedford Estates, returning their cheques for money paid for an extension to the lease,  advising them that that their lease has ended.

Speaking on behalf of his sister, Derek Cafferata said: "We are devastated that the Board of Bedford Estates denied our petition to remain at 72 Ridgmount Gardens. Combined with the death of our Mother, this has been the most sad and stressful year of our lives. The only bright spot is that my Mother’s friends are allowed to remain in their home.”

The Cafferata family also expressed their sincere gratitude to local MP, Sir Kier Stammer, who played an instrumental role in helping to secure a favorable outcome for Frances and John.  In their minds, it is remarkable that a politician who has just been elected to the House of Commons has the time to involve himself in a campaign of this nature. Clearly he is the type of individual who will help invigorate the Labour Party, to become a future major force in the UK political system.

As a result of the tenancy for Frances, the Stop the Duke campaign has come to an end.  Frances, John and the Cafferata Family would like to thank all their Twitter followers for their unwavering support during these very stressful time. Their success is symbolic and will hopefully inspire those faced with a similar situation.